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Mberlo™ Universal Relay Tester

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Couldn't seem to know the details and condition of your electrical relay? Want to prevent your car relay to go faulty without warnings? Relay Tester is the best choice that you can go for!

Time and Money saver 

It is a quick test tool to test automotive relays and know their status. No more fumbling around clipping a power from ground supply onto the coil side.

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Test Different Relay Pins

Relay Tester is able to accept 3 different specifications of relay pins. Relay switching with 4 or 5 pins are usable on the tester.


Red/Green Light

If the relay is abnormal, the light Red LED will flash, and if it is normal, then Green LED will flash. SO easy and quick.

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Compact Size

Small size, compact structure, easy to carry, you can test anywhere as you want. You can test relays even if your battery is charged, and not in the car. Just connect the clamps to battery and follow instructions. Easy peasy.


Additional Features-:

  • Through the car battery (11V-15V) to the relay coil, the detector can properly check the relay contact function.
  • Observes contact data, closure time, relay inertia at each test stage, etc.
  • Comes with rubber sleeved battery clip, safe to use