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Free Worldwide Shipping With Every Purchase (Tracking available) 🚚

Emergency Seat Belt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker

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Window Hammer

If the power source goes out, electric windows won’t roll down. Easily break side car windows with the window hammer’s sharp dual pointed heads. Made of harder-than-steel tungsten metal, the two hammer heads offer reliable strength and fast results.

Seat-Belt Cutter

No need to worry about being trapped under the straps of a jammed seat belt. The tool’s sharp blade will cut through a seat belt in seconds, which can sometimes make all the difference in a life-saving scenario.

Plastic Handle and Bracket for Safe Storage

The emergency escape tool provides a sturdy plastic handle, which ensures a secure, comfortable hold. Even more, its bright-orange color makes it easy to quickly find and identify.

The included protective bracket keeps the sharp hammer heads and cutting blade safely stored. Simply press the emergency escape tool into the bracket when not in use. Be sure to keep the tool within reach (like in the center console or driver-side door pocket) so it’s easy to grab and use if needed.