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Free Worldwide Shipping With Every Purchase (Tracking available) 🚚

Mberlo™ Eternal Artistic Lamp

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 Inspired by Scandinavian sunsets that we only get to see once in a lifetime, the Sunset lamps replicate a lifelike experience.

Why Use Old Boring White Lamps?

We should always keep adding new things into our lives. Create a unique environment in your home or office that has been never made before. Give your family and yourself a new environment full of Colours and Joy.

Fully Adjustable For Different Visual Effects

Rotate the top of the lamp 180° forward or backward to create the ambiance you like. If you want to create a big aura, simply place the lamp far from a wall or ceiling and watch the sunset come to life and invade your home.


Easy To Setup and Energy Efficient

Simply plug in the USB cable to start the fun. Powered by energy-saving LEDs, the sunset lamps can shine bright during daylight as well.


Whether it’s for a romantic display in the bedroom or creating a unique living room glow, one thing for sure is it’s a true showstopper.

  • Material: Black anodized aluminum, brass, iron, and glass
  • Using energy saving LED
  • Rotation: Lamp can rotate 180°
  • USB Cable (Cable is 1.5 meters long)
  • Size: 10" x 5" - 25cm x 12cm