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Solar Crack Lamp

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⭐ Solar Powered

⭐ Waterproof

⭐ Hang it or Put on the ground


  • Solar Powered, require no electricity, just simple sunlight to charge. Each solar mason jar includes a water-resistant solar cell, a rechargeable battery, and an extra bright LED.
  • Each light has a built-in light sensor so that it automatically turns on in the evenings as the light dims. Each light also includes and On/Off switch underneath the lid.
  • With this fairy mason jar lids, you can easily make instant solar pathway lighting, solar garden lights, novelty led jar lanterns, Creating beautiful solar garden lighting.
  • Solar pathway lighting, or setting the perfect summer ambiance on your patio, Solar lights for mason jars can be used throughout the home and garden for easy accent and pathway lighting.
  • This Solar mason jar lid insert fits into most standard glass mason jars
  • Turn on the fairy light, then make the led strand any shape you like
  • Just simply open the jar and place the LED solar light into the mason jar ring, and close the lid, then hang it in the sunlight area
  • The solar panel will pick up the sunlight energy in the sunny daytime, and light up when darkness comes.



⭐  Indoor and outdoor use: the glass jar solar light is ideal as lighting for the garden, the table, for decoration of picnics, romantic dinners, camping and all sorts of outdoor activities that require soft, glare-free yet bright light.


⭐ Ecological & sustainable: solar lamps not only produce green energy with the power of the sun, but are themselves largely made from environmentally friendly and recycled materials such as recycled glass and recycled metal.


⭐ Creative Design: This special patterned glass bottle is made of high-quality thick glass, and the linen rope and soft lighting create a romantic atmosphere. (Size:5.5 × 4.7 in, Weight: 1.4 lb)


⭐ Easy to Install: Just turn the switch to ON, the flat bottom and linen lanyard make it can be placed anywhere for decoration.