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Non-Electric Bidet Attachment Toilet

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Toilet Seat Bidet Sprayer

Buffer Cover plate: No
Toilet Seat Type: Closed Front
Toilet Seat Material: Plastic
Advanced Function: Buttocks Washing
Advanced Function: Nozzle Self-cleaning

Features: PVC Material High quality PVC material, durable and sturdy, white color, with the toilet a color, not abrupt. Easy to use It built-in water pressure, with 2 working modes. one function of turning the knob right is flushing the toilet. The other function of turn the knob left is washing without paper,. Nozzle Installing Position Move the block and fit nozzle to proper position that keep the same line with toilet outlet and keep centered. Hidden Nozzle Self-cleaning function. When nozzle is not used, Sanitize the nozzle and retract and then stay in hidden state . Keep clean and health, use securely. For 96-202 mm/3.8-7.9" Toilet Installing Hole It comes with 2 PCs slide able block, suitable for those toilets that installing hole distance range is 96-202 mm/3.8-7.9". 15/16 Inch T adapter connector Our Complimentary connector is 15/16 Inch T adapter connector Installation Method: 1. Remove the toilet lid and seat cushion. 2. Unscrew the water pipe of the tank. 3. Remove the copper connector screw and install the white hose. 4. Connect the copper connector and angle valves 5. Connect the copper connector and white hose 6. Install the product on the toilet lid and lock Specifications: Adapter Connector Type: 15/16 Inch Hose Length: 1 m/3.3 ft Item Size: 43.5*22*9 cm/17.1*8.7*3.5"(L*W*H) Net Weight: 0.485 kg/17.1 oz.

Package Includes 1 x Toilet Seat Bidet Sprayer 1 x T adapter connector ( US ) 1 x PU pipe