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Mini Alloy Trash Bin for car, office

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  • Compact size, ideal for cars, does not take up much space.
  • Could be placed in all four-door storage sections
  • The stylish look makes it suitable for office use as well
  • Open it in a click, you can dispose small garbage easily
  • As long as the cover is closed, no odor will leak out
  • It could be placed at will
  • Telescope-feed Fixation
  • Aviation Alloy Quality
  • 500mL large capacity
  • Simple and clean travel with ease
  • Could be used with or without bags
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Car Garbage Can Alloy Trash Bin
    •  30 x Garbage Bags

They are barely noticed thanks to their small design

Great gift for someone who needs help keeping their car clean

Could be Used for:

  • Car, home, office, ashtray, coins, chew gums disposal
  • Candy wrappers, bills or receipts 
  • Parking slips 
  • Tiny ketchup packets 
  • Straw wrappers
  • Baby wipes
  • Gum paper, candy cores, paper towels, fruit cores, or broken biscuits left by children, etc;

Keep your car clean with minimal space occupied 

    Easily emptied, neat looking. No excuse for a messy car!

    This is a handy trash bin that you can place it on the cup compartment at the side of your seat. In fact, it is consists of alloy material and it is safe to use because the whole material is BPA free and non-toxic. You can place a garbage bag inside it so you can throw them right away. It will never be hard for you to grab the trash. It is suitable for those people who frequently eat inside their vehicles. Those who have children can also use it inside their car. Most children eat in the car especially those babies who want to drink milk and eat some snacks. Afterward, you can collect their garbage and make sure that they throw their waste inside this container.


    Most cars don’t have a ton of room to keep a big size bin, that's why we have introduced this compact size bin. It fits almost every type of car.

    Find a fixed position for your bin and make sure that it is the most accessible area. You can open the top part by tapping it. In just one tap, it will open. Do not forget to close the vent so the bad odor of the garbage won’t smell. The trash can be thrown right away as soon as you find a garbage can outdoors. Now you can keep your car clean and tidy inside. You don’t have to pick up small pieces of garbage every time you arrive home. Just make sure you have this container in your vehicle. Moreover, you can train your kids to throw their trash properly in this trash bin.


    Strong and Durable material

    Since this is a strong and durable material, it will never expose the foul odor of the trash inside. If you accidentally drop this material, it will never get broken because the composition of the material is very strong.